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The Double Drop Tines

This monster buck was killed Friday November 21st by Brian Stone from Maclenny, Florida. Brian, his brothers, and several of his friends have hunted here at the plantation for several years now. Brian and some friends drove up Friday afternoon just for the evening hunt. They all got taken to their stands along with several other hunters that were in camp and everyone got ready for the evening hunt. Brian said he had started seeing more and more deer the closer it got to that magic hour before dark. There were several does in the food plot when a 6 point came in and started grunting and chasing a doe around the food plot. Unbeknownst to Brian there was a double drop tined buck looming off the edge of the food plot. The drop tined buck had evidently heard the rutting commotion from the doe and 6 point, because Brian said some of the does started looking into the woods not 30 yards from the stand. Brian focused his attention there and out comes the big buck who pauses briefly then starts trotting toward the other buck and doe. Brian reacts quick and takes a trotting shot to kill the big buck in the food plot not 50 yards from his stand. Brian's buck has 13 scorable points with matching split G2s and matching double drop tines. The longest drop tine measured over 9" and the other was nearly 7". Congratulations again Brian on the buck of several lifetimes from the Gopher Plantation crew.

If you would like to see more of this monster buck click here.


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