Located in Millwood, Georgia

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Business office located at:

2150 Industrial Blvd

Douglas, GA 31533

Office: +1(912) 384-3238

Fax: +1(912) 384-8237

Plantation: +1(912) 284-1722

Email: ask@gopherplantation.com

NOTICE:  We strongly recommend that you do not attempt to use your vehicle navigation system to locate Gopher Lane.  Gopher Lane cannot be found using your vehicle navigation system or with MapQuest.  If you do attempt to use your navigation system you will very likely end up on Gopher Road which is approximately 10 miles away from the Gopher Plantation.  The map  located on the directions page is very accurate and will help you find the Gopher Plantation.


If you have questions, feel free to contact us.
Email: ask@gopherplantation.com
+1 (912) 284-1722 (lodge)
+1 (912) 384-3238 (office)
Office Address: 
2150 Industrial Blvd
Douglas. GA 31533