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American Whitetail Authority


    Last October The Gopher Plantation was selected to host American Whitetail Authority's Pro Series on a hunt segment of their competition.  Greg Koch, founder of AWA, came up with a very innovative way to determine the best deer hunter in the contest.  Greg put together a catch and release deer hunting tourney.  Greg realized that a lot of professional hunters don't have to develop the skills required to consistently take deer.  Most of these pro hunters rely heavily on guides to put them on a big buck, Greg said.  In the AWA Pro Series, guides are not a factor.  The competitors had to do all their own scouting and stand selection themselves.  The only thing the guides did was transport hunters to and from the woods.


Bigger than Hogzilla!!


Bigger than Hogzilla!! This Wild Boar, which was taken by Larry Lee of Lakeland, Georgia, weigned in at an astonishing 1,180 pounds.  This is not a fake photo.  This WIld Boar was enormous. There are many more trophy Wild Boar roaming the hunting grounds of the Gopher Plantation.  If you would like to book a hunt for one of these trophies click here

    Hunt with the Pros


A great day in the field for these sports pros, business leaders, and their friends and family.  When it's time to get away from it all and enjoy the relaxing pace of an authentic 1800's plantation lodge, or the excitement of seeing a bird dog point and the covey of Quail flushing fast in every direction, the only place to go is....  The Gopher Plantation! The Gopher Plantation also has a great team of pros that are seasoned quail guides and dogs who can guarantee a quail hunt to remember.  As these sports professionals in the picture know, the quail hunting experience at the Gopher plantation is second to none.  To view more photos of past Bobwhite Quail hunts click here.


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